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Bob Log III’s “Boob Scotch”

Date: January 8th, 2009  Category: People, Places  Tags: , , , ,   

I hang out from time to time at this music venue downtown called The Casbah. Really cool place. If you’re ever in downtown San Diego and you love live rock/punk/you name it, check it out.

Anyway, I was bored the other night and I went up there to check out the bands playing and I experienced something truly special. That something special was the one man band Bob Log III. His mix of blues slide guitar and shiny gold jump-suit with matching helmet / mic apparatus was mind blowing. Here are a couple of pics from the show.

Bob Log III Live 1 Bob Log III Live 2

Finally, here is the music video for my personal favorite Bob Log III track titled “Boob Scotch”. I couldn’t believe there was actually a music video for this song… Oh, and since the song is all about girls stirring his scotch on the rocks with their tits (lol), it’s definitely not safe for work.